The Maid of Salerno


Darkening and disaster- dystopian novel at its best!

Author Vi Zetterwall crafts a dystopian novel where fiction becomes believable as every page ticks along at a perfect pace bringing out and painting the time period of darkening and disaster brought by an apocalyptic terrorist attack to United States in the year of 2019. Embedded in the world of turmoil is a well thought out character of a young girl ‘Cassiopeia Serrell’, living with her wise old grandmother Nana Rose. Cassiopeia learns to accept and adapt to the current situation of the country without the very basic needs of life.
‘The Maid of Salerno’ is an engaging tale with the capability to whisk the readers immediately into a highly imaginative time and era based on the harsh realistic subject of terrorism and its consequences.
Proving her natural creativity and talent in writing author Vi Zetterwall, very efficiently brings out her believe of portraying the strength of human spirit and giving us a glimpse of what we could be if we followed our better nature through her mesmerizing and gripping page turner.
I’m glad I read this novel as I thoroughly enjoyed my journey based on a strong story line and head strong protagonist through this thrilling quest. Author has done a remarkable job of carving a masterpiece that is worthy of recommendation!
I was given a copy of this novel for an honest review.

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