The Secret History of Another Rome: Millenium 3 CE Book One


Precepts and principles- half truth?

‘The Secret History of Another Rome’ is a Science fiction in every sense of word as every page moves smoothly with a perfect pace bringing the future times of 2600s to life with authentic details highlighting the life of a supreme pontiff of the empire of Rome at Alexandria- Ranulf. ‘Precepts and principles’ by patriarchal priest- bureaucrats called librarians does no good to Ranulf’s logic’s and he is bound to find answers to the secret history and half truths of the librarians. Ranulf’s underlying curiosity and guidance from the mysterious immortal from another time will take him further revealing answers Ranulf has been looking for.
Author Bear Kosik proves his talent of writing by showcasing a creative, balanced and imaginative teller of tale weaving an intricate story that has the capability to transport its readers to another times, living amidst its characters. I was genuinely impressed with the strong narrative and prose author Bear Kosik demonstrates and think it all flowed very well giving emotional satisfaction.
‘The Secret History of Another Rome’ is sure to grab the readers from the opening pages till the very end making this intriguing Science fiction worthy of recommendation to all sci-fi lovers. Highly recommended.

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