Turtle Island

Sense of humor embedded into proactive imagery. ‘Turtle Island’ is a multilayered modern day scifi-comedy that is sure to elicit giggles through its snappy dialog, intriguing narrative and unpredictable romp of lovable characters. Abduction of Masters family by equivalents to an alternate portal through Ted Williams tunnel lands them to Turtle Island- a realm that Read more about Turtle Island[…]

Ella: A Stepmums Tale

  Unpredictable & unexplored secrets of fairyland tales. Legendary fairy tale takes an abrupt dimension when celebrity TV reporter Sylvia Stark decides to cover the fascinating, epitomic fable of Cinderella through Ella’s stepmother Charlotte Johansson Baker. Inconceivable and brutal, this one sided account from evil step-mum is all set to destroy Cinderella’s society image of Read more about Ella: A Stepmums Tale[…]

Mervyn vs. Dennis

Superbly crafted. Depicting a unique relationship of employer and employee through explicit plot that is both poignant and hilarious, author Niels Saunders will give his readers an engaging ride through life’s paradox situations. When Mervyn Kirby gets easy money making job of a video game tester, he attracts the attention of a racist- overpowering ‘bossy’ Read more about Mervyn vs. Dennis[…]

A Minger`s Tale: Beginnings

A spellbinding experience. ‘A Minger’s Tale: Beginnings’ is an engrossing memoir of author R.B.N. Bookmark, born in Manchester, U.K. in 1950 to Irish immigrants. Author Bookmark takes his readers on an enchanting yet sometimes difficult journey through his growing up days of childhood, schooling, adulthood and hard earned living provided by his parents. Being the Read more about A Minger`s Tale: Beginnings[…]

The Crowd and the Merrimack

Fond memories through dark paths. Author Bryce Ian is sure to bring back some fond, cherishing memories of school days for his readers. ‘The Crowd and the Merrimack’ turns from light-hearted read into a suspenseful dark tale with a twist as the narration goes down further with the life of our teenage high school student Read more about The Crowd and the Merrimack[…]