Ella: A Stepmums Tale


Unpredictable & unexplored secrets of fairyland tales.

Legendary fairy tale takes an abrupt dimension when celebrity TV reporter Sylvia Stark decides to cover the fascinating, epitomic fable of Cinderella through Ella’s stepmother Charlotte Johansson Baker. Inconceivable and brutal, this one sided account from evil step-mum is all set to destroy Cinderella’s society image of female perfection leading Sylvia and her cameraman to battle the adversities as unpredictability unfolds revealing unexplored secrets of the fairy land tales.

‘Ella: A Stepmum’s Tale’ is a multilayered modern day parable that is sure to elicit giggles through its snappy dialogue and cast of diverse, well developed characters. Author J. L. Higgs demonstrates the power of evocative prose and immaculate style of narration through her immersive imagination. This heartfelt brilliant piece of fantasy is delightful in style and original in concept that suggests author J. L. Higgs is a gifted writer with consistency, who is well aware of her capabilities of distilling her thoughts into a remarkable read that is sure to make an excellent choice for a relaxing vacation.

A powerful, captivating page turner ‘Ella: A Stepmum’s Tale’ will make readers wince, smile and sympathize for authors characters. Highly recommended.

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