Love and Crime: Stories

Touching and effective collection of stories.

Providing a series of eleven short tales in the multiple genre of love and crime and sometimes both, author V.S. Kemanis keeps her narrative firmly planted in the everyday reality that is keenly observed and experienced by herself or people around her, shaping the engrossing plot for an insight into where her book idea emerged from.

In Order to better preserve the twists tamped by the foreshadowing of each plot author classifies her tales under the genre of love stories (Rosemary & Reuben, Weeping Willow, Conference, Searching for Earwax) and crime stories ( Journal Entry, Franklin Dewitt, Pure Kill, Day Three, Collectors find) and love and crime reprise (The zephyr, Cactus flower and Cat)

Varying in formats and lengths these heartfelt brilliant pieces of well rounded writing bring many relatable characters with complex ideas to life, showcasing author’s capacity of being a gifted writer with consistency. Both poignant and optimistic, it is life’s paradox depicted through this touching and effective collection of stories that will keep its readers intrigued till the very last page has been turned. Highly recommended.

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