Breached Identity: The story of a life exclusively designed by the power of science

A brutal, honest account of unimaginable pain. ‘Breached Identity’ is a compact piece of poignant, heart wrenching, brilliantly reconstructed memoir based on actual abusive and brutal sufferings that occurred in author K. Cushcroft’s life. Miss Cushcroft’s life was turned into a living hell by two men who sat behind her one evening in her office. Read more about Breached Identity: The story of a life exclusively designed by the power of science[…]

Intrinsic Encounters

A thrilling entertainer. Author Kenneth Oddeck demonstrates a deep knowledge of young adults thought processes through a cleaver combination of absurd situations intertwined intricately with the life of the lead character David Elbert. ‘Intrinsic Encounters’ is an enjoyable, humorous romp that relays a clear picture of parental ignorance and its impact on a child’s life. Read more about Intrinsic Encounters[…]


Drastic & tense, bone chilling mystery thriller. ‘Anonymous’ is a mystery thriller with a paranormal undertones saturating a bone chilling plot that relays a poignant tale of two young women. Mysterious occurrences at a hundred year old farm house are driving Debra Hamilton crazy, leaving her to question her possible inheritance of schizophrenia from her Read more about Anonymous[…]

Shifter’s Hope (Spirit Walkers Saga Book 1)

Intricate narrative worthy of attention. Laura Hawks is an amazing storyteller of the classical style who’s excellence of intertwining cultures and history with highly explicit fiction leaves her readers astounded and intrigued. ‘Shifter’s Hope (Spirit Walkers Saga Book 1)’ is a masterful read skillfully woven with elements of survival, growth, loss, love and struggle that Read more about Shifter’s Hope (Spirit Walkers Saga Book 1)[…]

The Bone Whisperer (The Adventures of George and Flanagan Book 2)

Reflecting magnificent childhood memories. A riveting follow up to ‘The HeadMaster’s Cave’, ‘The Bone Whisperer’ is a read capable of transporting its readers amidst young endearing and adventurous characters- George, Dougie and Katie who strive hard on their thrilling quest of putting an end to the destructive business plan of a local business owner ‘McMaster’ Read more about The Bone Whisperer (The Adventures of George and Flanagan Book 2)[…]

The Ghost and the Grimoire

Exceptionally immersive reading experience! ‘The Ghost and the Grimoire’ was an enthralling read that made me live and grow under the skin of Daniella Yankovich  and experience ecstasy by romancing the handsome but dead confederate solider Elliott Stone whose ghostly spirit had taken refuge for over a century in the old colonial villa owned by Read more about The Ghost and the Grimoire[…]