The Bone Whisperer (The Adventures of George and Flanagan Book 2)


Reflecting magnificent childhood memories.

A riveting follow up to ‘The HeadMaster’s Cave’, ‘The Bone Whisperer’ is a read capable of transporting its readers amidst young endearing and adventurous characters- George, Dougie and Katie who strive hard on their thrilling quest of putting an end to the destructive business plan of a local business owner ‘McMaster’ to secure wildlife and the hidden treasures claimed by Red Hall Manor.

Reflecting magnificent childhood memories of growing up in a beautiful country of ireland author D. S. Allen creates an engaging tale full of mysteries, enigmas and paranormal ground that is highly delightful, imaginative and is filled with values of friendship, individuality and respect for nature. The plot moves at a breakneck pace and unfolds itself with vivid descriptions that are combined with explicit style of writing.

‘The Bone Whisperer’ is a wild ride of unexpected twists and turns with numerous characters, that young adults, teenagers and fans of fiction and paranormal read will adore. While it is preferable that one should read the 1st book in the series (The HeadMaster’s Cave), yet ‘The Bone Whisperer’ is strong enough to stand on its own. Highly recommended.


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