Shifter’s Hope (Spirit Walkers Saga Book 1)


Intricate narrative worthy of attention.

Laura Hawks is an amazing storyteller of the classical style who’s excellence of intertwining cultures and history with highly explicit fiction leaves her readers astounded and intrigued.

‘Shifter’s Hope (Spirit Walkers Saga Book 1)’ is a masterful read skillfully woven with elements of survival, growth, loss, love and struggle that relays a paranormal tale of a shape shifter with a clammed up past and indefinite future ‘Raven Stillwater’ who falls for charismatic but troubled ‘Hope Lander’. Running away from an abusive relationship of the past, ‘love’ is the last thought on Hope’s mind.

Unfolding plot at a reasonable pace author Laura Hawks engages her readers through life like characters that showed complex idea as they tried to overcome adversity. With a mastery over the language and its nuances ‘Shifter’s Hope’ is a superbly crafted gripping tale that is vividly detailed with well imagined settings to create an exceptionally immersive reading experience.

Those looking for a powerful story with rich prose and intricate narrative ‘Shifter’s Hope (Book 1)’ has treasures to be discovered between covers and comes as a highly recommended read, worthy of attention no reader will ever regret picking up.


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