The Ghost and the Grimoire


Exceptionally immersive reading experience!

‘The Ghost and the Grimoire’ was an enthralling read that made me live and grow under the skin of Daniella Yankovich  and experience ecstasy by romancing the handsome but dead confederate solider Elliott Stone whose ghostly spirit had taken refuge for over a century in the old colonial villa owned by great uncle Benjamin.

Both stirring the heat and unsettling the emotions, author Laura Hawks has very thoughtfully blended romance with paranormal plot that has its roots masterfully set in the poignant historical event of the civil war. Flashbacks with intense action and violence written with immaculate style, painted the characters world vividly making ‘The Ghost and the Grimoire’ a delightful yet heart wrenching tale that possesses the capability of mesmerizing and engaging the readers right from the opening pages till the very end, creating a stunning conclusion and providing an exceptionally immersive reading experience.

Those searching for an incredibly well imagined paranormal read with head strong female character, ‘The Ghost and the Grimoire’ is sure to give them a charming tale that will resonate with them long after the last page has been turned. Highly recommended to the lovers of romance and paranormal genre.

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