The Call of Auberone


Immaculate & rare, spiritual read in every sense of words.

‘The Call of Auberone’ is an absolutely unique book which relays author Jolene Kearney’s exquisite talent of channelizing spirit, when combined magnificently with Jason Tierney’s past life Regression therapy to deliver an extraordinary- vividly detailed settings entwined with intricate developed events from an imaginable another world and dimension.
‘The Call of Auberone’ is a spiritual read in every sense of word as every chapter ticks along at a perfect pace, that brings the time period of parallel world to life with authentic details about a young girl’s spiritual journey and telepathic relationship with her dragon.
Author Jolene Kearney shares her first person experience of living Past Life Regression- developing and delivering a wild ride of unexpected emotional feeling providing an immersive reading experience that is immaculate and rare. I was genuinely impressed with the narrative that retained its original style and thought as it all flowed flawlessly in a seductive manner. Mature adults and readers familiar with the genre or meditation are sure to enjoy this masterpiece which will resonate with them for a very long time. Highly recommended.

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