Intrinsic Encounters


A thrilling entertainer.

Author Kenneth Oddeck demonstrates a deep knowledge of young adults thought processes through a cleaver combination of absurd situations intertwined intricately with the life of the lead character David Elbert. ‘Intrinsic Encounters’ is an enjoyable, humorous romp that relays a clear picture of parental ignorance and its impact on a child’s life.

Hungry for parents attention, David Elbert unknowingly highlights an unknown, undiscovered quality that shapes up his character challenging ‘self identity clashes’ expected from him by his parents.

Featuring a plot with snappy yet charming narrative, this novel unfolds itself into a thrilling entertainer. While many things are not as they seem, author Kenneth Oddeck masterfully manages to connect this multilayered modern day parable into a surprising finale.

‘Intrinsic Encounters’ is a profound exploration of love, adventure and realities of life which is sure to appeal teens and young adults and evoke giggles for those with a heart for humor. Less action oriented and ambiguous, this well written book is definitely worth a try. Highly recommended.

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