The Darziods’ Stone

A marvelous journey worth taking.

Intriguing enough to engage even reluctant readers ‘The Darziods’ Stone’ is an entertaining caper fiction and coming of age fantasy adventure that showcases believable camaraderie of five teenage friends who embark on an unexpected discovery after their trip to Tredock cove in Cornwall.

The undercurrents of mystery, excitement and fear is relentless and embodied powerfully in the setting of cove in Cornwall with a secret of special stone hidden more than 200 years ago and a lot more lurking beyond imagination of teenage friends. ‘The Darziods’ Stone’ is an impressive story that paints characters world vividly with a new plot twist around every corner and delivers  a complex journey of obsession, greed, survival and good vs evil.

Author Richard Smith’s passion for writing is evident through his compassionate narration that overflows with imaginative conceits. Those who enjoy a mix of fantasy, adventure and stories of great daring with a clever cast of characters are sure to fall for author Richard’s intricate novel with undeniable potential. This book is definitely an absorbing, fast paced read with an affable appeal that is worth reading by young adults.

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