Turtle Island

Sense of humor embedded into proactive imagery.

‘Turtle Island’ is a multilayered modern day scifi-comedy that is sure to elicit giggles through its snappy dialog, intriguing narrative and unpredictable romp of lovable characters.

Abduction of Masters family by equivalents to an alternate portal through Ted Williams tunnel lands them to Turtle Island- a realm that will change Dons family vacation into an amusing yet unpredictable journey with an adventure never imagined before.

It is impossible to resist author Dave Henry’s amazing sense of humor modulated with evocative style of narration and imagery of a realm that is rich in descriptive of its world building. Dominated by a diverse cast of main and secondary characters ‘Turtle Island’ is a comedy novel with enough caper fiction and thrill that is fast paced with intricately fascinating plot. This is definitely the sort of book which can be paced over a relaxing vacation or read in one afternoon for enjoyment and pastime.

Sense of humor embedded into proactive imagery makes author Dave Henry’s read compelling and highly recommend.


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