13 Pathways Home: A collection of short stories


An amazing collection of short stories under one cover.

’13 Pathways Home’ is a very well written and thought out collection of 13 intriguing short stories filled with interesting insights into the world of different characters embedded into different situations of life.
With genuinely very expressive and clear mannerism author M.M. Skutetzki superbly crafts each tale packed with a strong story line and captivating characters who are well developed and delivers a wide ride of unexpected twists and turns. It is obvious that author Skutetzki is a master of his field and has used his knowledge over history, politics and regions of different countries, time and era intertwined with extensive research prior to penning down ’13 Pathways Home’ and does not bog down his titles with unnecessary facts and details to make the story lengthy and less amusing.
The book is fast paced and grips the readers immediately into highly imaginative and fascinating plots which both adults and young adults will find valuable with perfect balance of human emotions set in different genres.
This amazing collection of short stories would be a perfect addition to the collection of any fiction reader, looking for quality and variety compiled under one cover.
’13 Pathways Home’ is definitely a pleasure to recommend.

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