The Children of Fi


Enthralling ride through fantasy

‘The Children of Fi’ by author Jeanne Bradford does not lose anything by being the second in the series giving thoughtfully woven bits of introductions of our protagonist Arinda and the other characters from the 1st book and continues strongly as a sequel yet remaining original in concept and delightful in style.
Arinda is married to Jahx Rife from Rowan Grace Academy, bound by magic together and decides to begin a program for magicker girls at Vespith Academy so that they can over come their fear for ‘mages’. Arinda’s school for female magicker’s gains success, further leading King Nathan and Arinda on their thrilling quest of discernment where they will learn to beat the odds of life and destiny.
Author Jeanne Bradford artistically creates an engaging tale which both teens and young adults will find entertaining and filled with values of happiness, friendship and individuality pulling and whisking them into a fast paced, highly well imagined plot. Though it is preferable that one should read the first book ‘The Mage Sister’ to enjoy their enthralling ride through fantasy series, ‘The Children of Fi’ is solid enough to stand on its own and definitely deserves recommendation. Its a must read!

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