My name is Bloody Mary

A wise, thought provoking coming of age story.

Tense and dramatic ‘My name is Bloody Mary’ is an erotica, a triumphant story of a young alcoholic Giorgia and her up hill climb to achieve sobriety against alcoholic addiction. Alcoholic Anonymous Group at the local hospital is the only solution to Giorgia’s addiction as thought by her parents but psychiatrist Lorenzo is determined to shape up the deteriorating personality of Giorgia and bring out the best in her, she never realized she was capable of.

Though author Emiliana De Vico’s narration is not new or subtle in ideology, the tale is incisive, delightful and well rounded work of social consciousness that remarkably brings out the world of an addict and their actions in life through power of simple words in less than 100 pages.

‘My name is Bloody Mary’ is a wise and thought provoking coming of age story that relays a clear picture of the challenges young people face when self identity clashes with their addiction. Readers are sure to sympathize with authors character and find her novel captivating. Recommended to mature adult readers for its high erotica content and language.

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