A Price for Genius

An absorbing installment full of well paced thrilling adventure.

An entertaining sequel in Dr. Lindsey McCall series- ‘A Price for Genius’ is a masterful read that is sure to sharpen readers appetite for the coming installment proving author Lin Wilder a worthy successor to carry on the series that is at once complex, surprising, full of well paced action and rich with vivid details that serves to fully engage and engross its readers.

The novel opens up smartly and thoughtfully with the undercurrents of mystery embodied powerfully in the setting of a medical thriller, where abduction of two women from a pharmaceutical company run by Hank Reardon pinpoints in the direction of a new drug developed by Liisa Reardon.

With new plot twist around every corner and charming camaraderie between charismatic characters author Lin Wilder unfolds thrilling quest of discernment that is entertaining, tender and delightful in style. ‘A Price for Genius’ is genuinely a superbly crafted novel with thoughtful plot and bold diction and imagery. Despite the third in the Dr. Lindsey McCall series this book is a gripping standalone read that is highly recommended.

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