Mercury: A Daughters of Texas Novel

An absorbing first installment.

‘Mercury: A Daughter of Texas’ showcases strong, independent characters that are relate able with believable relationship and camaraderie that is manipulative beyond measures, evoking emotional attachment for each of them.

Life is confined to family and loved ones for heart broken Texas born Mercury Fordson until charm oozing, handsome- newcomer in town cowboy Jep Monroe leaves Mercury Fordson spell bound the very moment she spots him at the Dixie crystal chandelier.

Evocative, imagistic, modulated with infinite care, sophisticated and nostalgic author Etcee Fraser unfolds the drama in her multilayered modern day parable, smoothly revealing the destiny of love and emotion that questions the survival of stains from the past of Mercury Fordson. ‘Mercury: A Daughter of Texas’ is a fresh, absorbing first installment that is well rounded with a promise of more entertainment to come from author Etcee Fraser. This is a masterful read and an enjoyable romp with snappy dialogue that is sure to enchant young, free spirited yet mature readers. Highly recommended.

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