Red: A Love Story


A tale to read and lose yourself into…

Trying to deal with pasts of their own and strained relationships it was amazing to see how Marisa and Marco were drawn towards each other into a passionate relationship with mutual interest in literature and fondness for each other, but they not meant to be together for long as their own decisions make them walk on opposite paths of their individual lives leaving Marisa shattered and on mercy of therapy.
Author Nicole Collet uses her natural instincts of a good writer by engaging and making her readers live every bit and event of the novel by painting colorful, vivid pictures of livelihood in Sao Poalo- Brazil flaring the blooming erotic romance in the life of her very appealing characters.
Beautified with quotes from literature and intriguing plot, author Nicole sure leaves a real page turner at the hands of her readers, smartly woven with thought provoking philosophy, psychology and other subjects to dig deep in the lives of her life-like characters- Marisa and Marco to find out answers to curious questions only ‘RED- A Love Story’ can answer.
This engrossing erotic-romance novel has definitely much more to its unusual story to be discovered and cherished. I would love to recommend this engaging read to all and esp. to those with interest in the genre of romance.

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