The Perfect Tear


Relive the heights of wild imaginations through a fairy tale

‘The Perfect Tear’ is a fascinating fantasy tale which possesses an art of pulling readers in and making them discover the child within, who loves to live in the world of fairy tales, adventuring into an unknown journey, fighting the evil and at the end has the story to end with…’and they lived happily ever after’.
Author Connie Lansberg takes her readers through the enchanting yet thorny world of a young girl ‘Eleanor’ who is gifted with special powers of saving the Earth and its inhabitants by her song as her mother was. Things turn up side down when Eleanor’s songs are stolen and she takes up the responsibility of saving the Earth by unraveling the path she never wanted to, keeping her fears at bay and fighting the evils. Eleanor strives for her goals by venturing through strange lands and creatures with her friends and ‘Bella’ the goat.
‘The Perfect Tear’ is a tale full of intriguing mysteries smartly woven with vivid descriptions of events giving colorful and well imagined visuals to its readers to envision and live each moment of characters life.
There is definitely much more to discover about the story between covers leaving one at the edge of their seats, enjoying the artistic display of authors imagination.
I really lost myself in this unique fantasy fairy tale and relived my childhood days, thus I would suggest anyone who would want to do the same, must lay their hands on this novel as ‘The Perfect Tear’ is just for you!

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