Missing Him: A real love story

A uniformly entertaining read.

‘Missing Him: A Real Love Story’ is an intelligent and entertaining blend of an intriguing mystery neatly woven into a delightful, absorbing tale of a young girl with a flawed character.

Author L. Penn masterfully draws out the suspense by revealing the underlying truth of Emery Pearson’s life by flipping chapters back and forth, keeping the readers rooted with an engrossing narration of Emery’s romance and smoking love life with Jack Charles during collage years and her therapy sessions with Dr. Susan James where she is trying to prove she is no longer a threat and worthy of a certified release.

‘Missing Him: A Real Love Story’ as a whole is a believable, brief portal into a young girls innocent thought process that sounds familiar and almost exotic. Author L. Penn manages to evoke emotional attachment for her protagonist through flashbacks that were well placed throughout the main story to heighten the tension of the main plot.

Weaving a uniformly entertaining plot with pieces that read like fragments rather than complete story, ‘Missing Him: A Real Love Story’ is a 5 star read that effortlessly unpacks several socially relevant themes that are bound to be relished by fans of multiple genre.


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