The Razor-Blade Lady

Terrifyingly good and delightfully creepy.

An original tale of terror and creepy explorations ‘The Razor-Blade Lady’ is a deliberate, extraordinary fast paced short anecdote in the genre of horror masterfully crafted with impeccable imaginative conceits.

With a spine-chilling horrendous experience of childhood, Brody Bakersfield now has a satisfying and successful present until his best friend -Hal spins the wheel of terror with a call at midnight, that Brody has been dreading. Together Brody and Hal head for the mansion of Cynthia Talmadge to save children from an intimidating game of candy and fated apples played by the rich heiress every Halloween.

Author K. Massari definitely is a gifted writer in her genre and has a fine grip over her pen that unfolds her read neatly through suspicious plot building that ends with an unfamiliar & unexpected conclusion. ‘The Razor-Blade Lady’ is surely a not-to-be-missed-horror for those who care for short works with poignant twists, cherished in one sitting. Highly recommended for the fans of the genre.

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