Murder Among The Tombstones

A read with narration at its finest level.

Grabbing the readers from the opening pages, ‘Murder Among the Tombstones’ is an unpredictable mystery thriller with a new plot twist around every corner that is intriguing beyond expectations.

Not ready to retire and rest, investigative skills break taboos of old age for Iris Hadley and Clara Samples. Certified private investigation business brings Iris and Clara on feet in their seventies when experts at clearing cold cases detective Pitts and his partner Nettles go on a medical leave leaving behind an unsolved mysterious murder case turned cold of a nineteen year old girl-Jasmine, dumped in Oakland cemetery.

With narration at its finest level and imagery being her forte, author Kim Carter adds all the correct elements to her suspense thriller to entertain her readers with strong characters that are actively involved in shaping of the frightening yet engrossing plot unfolding incredibly with grit and action amidst humor and drama.

Those searching for a thoughtful well plotted yarn with head strong, irresistible & non-stereotypical female characters, ‘Murder Among the Tombstones’ is definitely a choice they will never regret. This 5 star read is utterly absorbing and highly recommended!

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