January’s Paradigm

Bewitching fantasy with diversity.

Loaded with clever dialog and vivid characters, ‘January’s Paradigm’ is a polished, calm and a well paced fantasy fiction with original premise and a dramatic climax.

Kate Porters marital disloyalty leaves her husband Robert Porter devastated, depressed and miserable at the hands of his wonder drug- Bookers. Once the author of an International Best Seller ‘One Hot January’, Porter finds salvation from the heart wrenching truth of life through his fictitious character -‘the production of his own imagined altered ego’- detective Joe January.

Author J. Conrad Guest’s attention to details of plot is meticulous as he keeps his novel pulsing with energy and tension skillfully woven with an entertaining combination of romance, betrayal, mystery and thrill. With storytelling mastery on full display, powered by engaging narrative and emotional intensity of individual story line, ‘January’s Paradigm’ is a novel that delights its readers with a captivating premise with serious literary work of thoughtfulness, complexity and depth.

Those looking for a fantasy with diversity may find themselves bewitched. This 5 star read is definitely worth reading for its originality. Highly recommended.


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