Your Soul Was Made for Mine


Spellbinding tale of an unusual love story!

‘Your Soul Was Made for Mine’ is definitely one of the most engaging, well thought and well plotted novel which has forced me to say that some authors are simply ‘The best writers’ as they are blessed with a natural talent of gripping their readers from the very first page of their book. Author C.L. Hunter is genuinely worthy of such a praise with her read which is a tale of loss, romance, love and perseverance taking its readers through thorny yet enchanted paths of a widows life. Emmalyn Stone who lost her husband Thomas in a car accident in Dublin, Ireland, struggles to deal with the sorrow of her loss as life becomes harsh on this grieving widow, but there is something amazing hidden in store for Emmalyn which destiny still has to reveal when she’ll come in touch with the multi-billionaire and boss of her husband ‘Nolan O’ Neill.
This mesmerizing novel becomes a real page turner, sailing through the lives of Emmalyn and Nolan as author C.L. Hunter very artistically narrates the developing relation between a rich businessman and a grieving widow.
It is impossible to write about this amazing work of imagination without revealing about the story line which would be a spoiler. This novel not only brought out outburst of emotions in me but also gave me a look into the world of angles and life hereafter.
There is definitely much more to explore and cherish, one wont regret reading the spellbinding tale of an unusual love story ‘Your Soul Was Made for Mine’.
Expecting many more engaging novels from C.L.Hunter, I highly recommend this erotic romance novel to all looking for love stories with a strong story line.

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