Born for Life: A Midwife’s Story


A reason to be proud: memoir of a real-life heroine

I’d love to take the chance of celebrating the occasion of women’s day by saluting the brave, courageous and motivating Julie Watson, who dedicated her life to serve women during labor and birth at a very young age of 16 in the local maternity Annexe as a nurse aide. It was from the memoir ‘Born for Life’ by Julie Watson, I learned that life was not easy for such positive and inspiring women in 1970s as the loss of her second new born led her into a struggle to deal with negativity of life where at a point depression and loneliness had taken over her colorful and happy life.
Emerging from a heart wrenching tragedy kept the author moving forward with more determination and courage this time, giving her way to becoming a midwife in her thirties.
Author Julie Watson’s memoir is a window through times which painted vivid visuals of lives of women’s journey through antenatal and postnatal experiences when medical facilities were not so advanced as they are today.
This amazing biography is a spell binding read which has made me respect women of fore generation for going through so much and just forgetting their pains at the very glimpse of the new born.
Thank you Julie for giving me a reason to be proud of being a women and possessing the unique and admirable ability of giving birth and foremost, thanks Julie for being an amazing and wonderful women, setting an example of helping and healing pain of other women in your own ways. You sure are a hero of your time and life.
It is definitely my pleasure to recommend this amazing and engaging read to all women-‘we all are special’!

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