Green Gooey Goop


The unavoidable Green Gooey Goop!!!

‘Green Gooey Goop’ is a short descriptive, colourful, rhyming book where writer Anna Morrison gets into a girl childs head and presents her disliked and imaginary world of hating healthy green veggie meals served by her mom in no-matter-any-form be it soups, salads or sandwiches, the poor little girl is left with no option other than to gulp down her green meal and imagine weird things about them like ” slimy and thick, with floating chunks made from snot in elephants trunks”.
The book is so hilariously illustrated by Alexander Morris that it made me roll off my chair laughing and at the same time i could feel the miserable feeling kids get when their meal is not of their choice and makes no sense to them.
This funny little story gives me a lesson that ill try my best to make my kids meal tasty what so ever and wont let them gulp their meal just as a punishment.
I would highly recommend ‘Green Gooey Goop’ to all moms, who are health conscious for their kids with an advice to please make their
“green gooey goop” with other colourful ingredients, making them taste and look good!

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