The Last Train


For the love of life!!

‘The Last Train’ by Richard Alan is truly amazing and interesting fiction novel filled with heartwarming and surprising experiences faced by Jake who meets with a train accident while celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary with his beloved Bernadette. Jake and Bernadette are torn apart when Jake dies on spot while Bernadette is still alive.
Author Richard Alan has very well brought up the emotion of love, which tells us that one can’t be happy even in heaven without his or her true love. Jake was an amazing character of the book who brought burst of emotions, sometime tears and sometime laughter in me.
This novel is completely different and sure to give its readers a lovely imaginary view of angels and heaven. Jake’s journey to heaven and constant search for his life partner Bernadette in heaven and back on earth was very descriptive and captivating, enough to keep its readers engaged for hours.
I wont write much about this novel to spoil any readers reading experience, but for sure the ending turned out to be total contrast of what i had expected. It was simply a very touching , romantic novel.
I would highly recommend this book to my hubby and to all and esp those lovers who find paradise in each others company!! …Its a must read!

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