Angels & Arrows


A Haunting!!

‘Angels & Arrows’ by author Reyna Hawk is an awesome novel based on supernatural, paranormal activities in a girls life called ‘Maria’. Maria is blessed with powers to see and communicate with spirits, she is often helped and visited by an angelic spirit ‘Arrow’ (her life partner in 1800). Some people and Maria’s family consider her these powers to be weird and abnormal and try to avoid her or abandon her. Maria fights against odds to get herself a normal life and her life partner Arrow.
The book starts with a horrifying scene giving no clue of what the novel is about to bring but the story gets so smooth and interesting further page by page that one can’t get their eyes of the book, waiting and wanting to know more and more.
I personally fell in love with the characters of the novel Maria , Arrow and others as i could find myself imagining each and every part and scene just like viewing ‘A Hunting’ on Discovery Channel. I was unaware that the writers talent of weaving romance, adventure, thrill and supernatural paranormal activities could turn a book into such an enjoyable and realistic read. Readers are sure to built a close connection with Maria in feeling all her experiences- good or bad with spirits.
There was a time when Arrows last words brought tears in my eyes. I simply miss Angels & Arrows just like A Haunting on Discovery, i want to suggest author Reyna Hawk to get her wonderful book made into a hollywood movies so that the experience shared in the novel are known to all those who are not interested in reading.
There is so much to tell about the novel but i wont spoil the readers suspense by giving in too much of information, i will highly recommend this book to all and esp. to those with interest in paranormal-romantic read, believe me no reader will regret their choice of reading ‘Angels & Arrows’. Its certainly a must read!!!!

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