Going Numb


A true inspiration!

‘Going Numb’ by Jim Hirtle is a heart touching novel based on the real life journey of author Jim’s wife ‘Addison’ whose life was totally changed due to the addiction of continuous consumption of a painkiller drug, effecting her career and lives if those, connected to her.
Author Jim Hirtle has used an unusual way of narrating the troubles an addict goes through physically and mentally in his or her day to day life before becoming an addict. This novel will also give readers a closer look into addicts life and lives of people who live with addicts of any kind, and the difficulties they face to cope up with addicts, in order to retrieve the ‘normal life’ lived by the addict before they were addicted.
Author Jim Hirtle goes through numerous detailed researches as to how a person becomes an addict and the struggle that his or her mind has to go through until a drug finally wins over his or her mind, body and soul.
‘Going Numb’ is sure to take its readers slowly and gradually towards a spiritual attachment inclining towards God Christ coming to ones rescue where doctors alone could not be successful.
I would highly recommend this book to all kinds of readers with a helping heart to read on Addison’ real life tragedy of becoming an addict and shattering her lovely,successful life in all terms.Authors novel gives us a strong moral which is an inspiration on how to stand for those who really need us in their tough times.Its a must read!

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