The Verde Sanctuary


An alien with a difference!!!

‘The Verde Sanctuary’ by L. W. Samuelson is a life adventure of an benwarian alien ‘Travis’ who has landed from space but his circumstances bring him to a ranch in North Arizona, where he becomes very dear to the rancher and his wife and they decide to adopt and make him their heir. Life wont be easy for this handsome dedicated alien and there is lot more to add to his adventure in Arizona.
Author L. W. Samuelson has given his readers a whole new outlook and dimension towards the ‘alien’ figure. Till now, we have lived with an imaginary- monster- looking creature known to us as an alien but this book is sure to change our opinion towards aliens and give us a more optimistic and friendly emotion towards them.
The book starts with very basic story as to how and why Travis comes to Earth but soon the chapters get very captivating and move on smoothly, like free flowing water with realistic twists and turns brought by author turning the book into an interesting read.
I am sure this book can be made into a thrilling blockbuster and will surely get to those who are movie lovers but not good readers, highly recommended to all and esp. to fast paced sci-fi lovers..its a must read!

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