Together They Overcame by Juliet C.B. Aharoni


‘Love conquers it all’

‘Together They Overcame’ by Juliet Aharoni is simply sweet, seductive and sentimental story of a very young, bold and heart broken South African lovely girl Rosalind who had followed her doctor boyfriend Foxy as a nurse to work in Israel but is forced to ‘call off’ her relation with him due to his violent behavior and tendencies she cant cope up with any further. Lonely and heart broken Rosalind continues working in a military hospital as a nurse where she comes across a wounded Israeli soldier ‘Eyal’ who falls in love with Rosalind’s sweetness and beauty and convinces her to marry him and live with his family at the country side.
Now Rosalind is left with all harsh realities of life where Eyal’s country, family life, religion and circumstances are all totally different then that of the past life of Rosalind and the way she is brought up and to add to Rosalind’s misery her mother in law i.e Eyal’s mother is all set-up with a ‘no- welcome’ and total rejection attitude towards Rosalind as she considers her to be a threat to her family and son.
Author Juliet has set up a very engaging and captivating plot for a book set up in Israel and Jewish environment giving her readers a closer look into a young couples married life full of hurdles and ‘only and only true love’ at their rescue.
Writer Juliet Aharoni’s novel Together They Overcame’ is sure to take its readers on a beautiful heart throbbing journey full of ups and downs of Rosalind’s and Eyal’s lives and their sensual, seductive bedroom life full of true love.
Last but not the least i would love to praise the writer for giving all her young and married readers a wonderful and inspiring moral that ‘only love can conquer it all’. never give up on life and loving your partner for the difficulties of life. Highly recommended to all esp. young lovers and married, loving couples. This book is sure to make an inspiration for tough times in married life!..Its a must read!!

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