Twisted realities of life!

‘Twisted’ is a heart warming fiction tale based on writers real experiences in the field of sex trade.
Writer Lola Smirnova takes her readers on an adventure of memoir of Julia who is from Ukraine and is the youngest of three sisters and follows their path into the sex trade travelling to Luxembourg, Turkey in order to earn ‘fast money’.
Novel Twisted is sure to change its readers hatred and conservative outlook towards the trade of body selling business or prostitution and bring a heartwarming, emotional outburst and mercy towards those women in this trade and misery and hardships faced by them in day to day life.
Author Lola Smirnova proves herself as a talented writer by weaving humorous narration at times in her book with such serious story line but at the same time brings tears and sorrow in her readers when going through the tough times of Julia’s memoir.
This book is definitely an eye opener and more over an information and knowledge giver of a prostitutes life than just a simply entertaining ‘time pass read’.
I will highly recommend this book to all mature readers and understanding minds who are ready to accept the harsh realities of the prostitution world. This book is sure to captivate its readers and force them to keep turning the pages till the very end..its a must read!

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