The Count Of Baldpate


Engrossing and believable fiction.

‘The Count Of Baldpate’ by author Sherrie Todd Beshore is a perfect blend of well plotted suspense thriller with an intriguing narrative packed with palpable trepidation seeping out from every chapter at the turn of every page as the story unfolds.
An old business card belonging to history professor Hank Rule of Colorado State University (CSU) sets severe challenges for sheriff Claire Gage to investigate and find answers to the mysterious murder of an elderly man- Hugo Lanze near Baldpate Inn. Author Sherrie weaves her thriller skillfully showcasing the talent of a brilliantly experienced writer by mixing just the right amount of historical facts with bone chilling suspense giving her readers an insight into the intricately developed situation with believable life-like characters. ‘The Count Of Baldpate’ definitely sets high standards for other up coming novels in the genre of suspense with engrossing and believable fiction that demands seriously invested attention to discover a captivating story line between covers. This book would be a perfect addition to any avid mystery thriller lover’s collection. Highly recommended.

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