Take on Aging as a Sport: The Athletic Approach to Aging


Amazing book full of Positivity!

Enlightening her readers on the very sensitive and dense subject of ‘aging’, former All American Volleyball player for UCLA & author Sharkie Zartman uses her knowledge of athletics aptly.
‘Take on Aging as a Sport’ is a very knowledgeable and step by step motivational approach on the topic of aging that is skillfully divided by author Sharkie Zartman into twelve interesting and educating chapters that include holistic training of spiritual and physical well being. Author Sharkie does not just bog down her readers with difficult to understand unnecessary information like other books but equips them with the very basic realities of aging with a positive outlook towards it.
I was genuinely impressed and inspired by the example of author’s friend Diana and her positive approach towards life after being diagnosed with the killer disease of breast cancer. Reading this amazing book ‘Take on Aging as a Sport’ was like meeting a very vibrant person with positive vibes. I could imagine a very experienced and educated personality of author taking to me and sharing her generous knowledge on aging.
Definitely this book is a gem of masterpiece that is full of Positivity and deserves to be in the treasured collection of any good reader. Highly recommended!

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