High Hopes


Believable read with life-like characters.

Narrated artistically with great finesse ‘High Hopes’ by author Sue Lilley is a spellbinding tale of trust, friendship and emotions shared by three close innocent friends.
A secretive hookup one night in the past shared by Grace Cavendish with her dearest friend Sam 20 yrs ago catches up with her present demanding answers which can ruin Sam’s marital relation with his wife Dixie testing the trust shared between Grace, Sam and Dixie.
Skillfully plotting an intriguing, enchanting yet thorny read, author Sue Lilley places her characters in the pathway of destiny’s conspiracy that is sure to stir up the heat and unsettle the emotional outburst in the readers as the story unfolds. With numerous characters, author Sue does a remarkable job at bringing each and everyone of them to life by putting one right under their skin. ‘High Hopes’ is genuinely an impressive romance novel that is sure to grab one from the opening pages and won’t let go until the very end. Those searching for a strong story line with life-like female protagonist, author Sue Lilley’s novel is a glimpse into an engaging world that is worthy of exploring.
This believable read is surely engrossing and definitely recommended for the readers of all ages esp. those with interest in the genre of romance. Its a must read!

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