Out of the Storm


Believable characters & strong storyline- worth one’s time.

A mix of bone chilling crime with moments of mesmerizing steamy romance ‘Out of the Storm’ is a thoroughly entertaining work of creativity with intriguing narration from author Carol Ashe that revolves around a workaholic detective Isabelle Carte or ‘Isa’ who is placed by destiny into the pathway of a mysterious murderer who is obsessed with Isa and goes beyond limit to get her attention by killing innocent women one after another. Taking a week off from danger in the city, Isa moves to a family cabin in Northwestern Ontario, where her life takes a fascinating twist bringing in an extremely appealing stranger in her life who lets her drop her guard down easily.
Author Carol Ashe smartly manages to weave an intricate plot that is at once complex, surprising, full of well paced romance and rich with details that serves to fully engage the readers and keep them at the edge of their seats waiting for more to come from this head strong female protagonist in this engulfing read. With a stunning conclusion ‘Out of the Storm‘ is a read worth ones time, highly recommended to those interested in crime thriller with believable characters and a strong story line.

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