Earth’s Guardians: A Life Redrawn

A solid piece of eloquent, thrilling sci-fi.

‘Earth’s Guardians: A Life Redrawn’ is an amusing sci-fi with a new plot twist around every corner that unfolds a mystery embodied powerfully in the lives of two teenagers -Hannah and Taylor.

An amusing school holiday exercise turns into relentless enigma for Hannah and Taylor after their classmate Karly goes missing mysteriously in the game of treasure hunter. Series of thrilling and creepy events line up one after another, after the disappearance of Karly, that lead to surprising choices Hannah and Taylor have to make.

Superbly crafted with well thought out diction and immaculate style of narration author J. L. Higgs kept everything fresh and fluid as the plot continued to unfold with a lot of different characters with diverse personality. ‘Earth’s Guardians: A Life Redrawn’ showcases strong, independent lead characters with believable friendship whose camaraderie proved to be a necessary reprieve from the building up of stark terror and tension at times.

Author J. L Higgs novel is definitely the sort of a book which can captivate its readers for hours at stretch with all the correct elements that will entertain, frighten and engross fans of the genre. A solid piece of eloquent, thrilling science fiction, ‘Earth’s Guardians: A Life Redrawn’ is highly recommended.


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