The Mage Sister


The battle of being oneself

‘The Mage Sister’ is a spellbinding tale of a girl, her battle of being herself and her birth right. Intelligent and talented, 15 year old Arinda learns she is a magicker but her nanny tries to conceal her secrets, fearing- if Arinda will be caught for being different, than the King will send her to the circle of mage, where magicker girls are thought to be picked up by evil mage and forced to be at the mercy of their evil needs. Unfortunately Arinda’s destiny intersects with the handsome member of the mage society leaving her alarmed and terrified to protect her identity.
‘The Mage Sister’ by author Jeanne Bradford is sure to grab readers from the opening pages and won’t let go until the very end, delivering a wild ride of unexpected twists and turns artistically placed in the lives of the characters.
Showcasing the talent of creativeness in the field of writing, author Jeanne Bradford smartly manages to mingle the world of fantasy and magic with realistic plot putting readers right under the skin of admirable characters.
‘The Mage Sister’ is a refreshing read in the genre of fantasy thriller with a female protagonist which deserves to be a perfect addition to any fantasy readers collection. For a plot well thought and narrative so intriguing, this book is a sure recommendation.

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