Sir Princess Petra’s Mission (The Pen Pieyu Adventures, book 3)


Insight into the unique fantasy world of a brave little girl.

Our little bold knight- Princess Petra of the Pen Pieyu Kingdom is back on her path of exciting, fascinating yet thrilling new adventure thrown in her way by her father ‘The King of Pen Pieyu’, who has tasked and challenged Petra’s knighthood by giving her a mission to capture the first ‘Car-panther’ (a new mysterious character who is found in the Kingdom of Boogy Gobees) she encounters and to bring him back to her Kingdom. With her friends from the previous adventures, Snarl-The dragon and Bogrot- The bog witch, the knight Princess Petra is all geared to accomplish her mission setting her standard high and proving herself worthy of bearing the title of a Knight.
With cute and descriptive illustration, author Diane Mae Robinson successfully delivers the underlying message of friendship, courage and strong will power top our little readers. For those who are new to witness the motivating tale of Princess Petra, author Diane Mae Robinson artistically embeds the synopsis of book 1 & 2 to keep their thrills at peak. Smooth and gripping narration in simple flowing language, gives insight into the unique fantasy world of a little brave girl whose enchanting journey with her friends definitely makes ‘Sir Princess Petra’s Mission’ a sure recommendation for little learners.

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