Autobiography of a Serial Killer


An insight into the life of a psycho serial killer.

‘Autobiography of a Serial Killer’ definitely made me hate the serial killer- ‘Leif’ from the very core of my heart and soul and I really cursed him for all the crimes he committed one by one, stated in his autobiography.
Leif was a devil in disguise, under a human skin and a pervert from the very young age of eleven when he found pleasure in hurting and killing innocent animals brutally planning barbarous tortures for them, each in a different way. At the age of 17 his father found out about his insane activities in the neighborhood and Leif was sent to Department of youth services detention facility for 6 months followed by psychiatric counselling but it was all of no use when shortly after his release he murdered Vanessa and raped her after she was dead. Leif was never caught for his crime because he always made sure to destroy evidences of his unlawful acts smartly. After Vanessa, he committed a series of similar crimes killing many girls heartlessly and raping them, for him each victim was a ‘project’ and he carefully designed his evil catch against them in a planned and skillful manner.
‘Autobiography of a Serial Killer’ was found during the course of investigation from Leif’s house after his death and was printed without making any changes to the disturbing and heart wrenching series-of-crimes-committed-diary written by the serial killer himself.
I suggest reading this book for keeping oneself alert from such maniac and mentally disturbed weirdos as some of his victims fell at the hands of crime due to their sheer ignorance of their surroundings and trust on strangers.
Giving an insight into the life of a psycho serial killer ‘Autobiography of a Serial Killer’ is a recommendation strongly for readers with a strong heart.

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