Worth Holding On To


Memoir about a true, spellbinding love.

‘Worth Holding On To’ is simply a beautifully narrated memoir taking us through the times in author Anthony’s life when he met his real love- Cyrena (she was born in New Orleans & had lived all her life in the Crescent City until the hurricane ruined her very dear birth place). Cyrena was introduced to author through a mutual friend Jemma in 2008, December 8th. Eventually Cyrena and Anthony were drawn to each other and cherished many touching, heartfelt moments together until they were separated by harsh realities of destiny.
I was really touched by the way author preserves his love for Cyrena and treasures her memories, bringing them out in a narrative which is bound to give his readers a very colorful insight into the life if author and live the very innocent emotions with him while unraveling the path through this unique love story. I am sure Cyrena is or must have been a very beautiful women, physically and in terms of spirituality to leave strong imprints on author’s soul and heart and give him lovely experiences of being in relationship which was strong enough to convince author Anthony Maranise to come up with a ‘Worth Holding On To’ and a mesmerizing narrative.
Definitely I hold this novella close to my heart for its sheer beauty of innocence and unconditional love and highly recommend it to all lovers and people in relationships to read and reconsider the true meaning of love and its worth. The novel ‘Worth Holding On To’ is a memoir of a true spellbinding love which surely deserves to be widely read!

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