Mystic: Summer (Mystic Blood Book 1)


Thoroughly entertaining science fantasy fiction.

Through a thoroughly entertaining science fiction author Michelle Rueb takes her readers on an adventure of a young girl Nora, unaware of her origin and connection of the past to the world of magic and its realm, Nora lives her unusual life in the mortal world in the city of New York.
When the King of Highmeadow – Joseph learns about his grand daughter’s existence from Oracle- a powerful being of his kingdom he immediately commands his second commander- Tyler to bring Nora safely from the mortal world back to the magic realm, because only Nora can save Highmedow from the evil kingdom of darkness and its king Drake.
Reading ‘Mystic Summer’ is like watching an intriguing science fantasy fiction movie as author Michelle Rueb weaves in great imagination, bringing out vivid descriptions of the beautiful land of the magic realm with strong dominating characters and twists in their adventurous life. Well plotted and well written, story telling style followed by author is sure to keep a firm hold over the readers making ‘Mystic Summer’ an enjoyable fast paced read. Those fascinated by science fantasy fiction with strong cast of characters,‘Mystic Summer’ is a sure recommendation for them.

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