The Gun (The Tadhg Sullivan Series, book 1)


Join the characters on their thrilling quest.

Fiction becomes believable and fascinating in this poignant read as author Daithi Kavanagh takes us through the story of a shooter, whose hatred for corrupt politics in the government of Ireland has forced him to shoot politicians he holds responsible for the suffering of the people of the country and migration of his children leaving him alone with his disabled wife. Detective Sullivan- a lead of special unit that investigates politically motivated crimes is tasked at finding out the shooter and the mystery behind these murders.
Author Daithi Kavanagh is a truly gifted writer who weaves a story that is at once complex, surprising, full of well paced action and rich with colorful details of region that serves to fully engage the readers keeping them at the edge of their seats. With few important characters author does a remarkable job at bringing each one to life as narration gets intriguing at the turn of every page.
Full of mystery and puzzle to solve with a little romance, this book is a true piece of entertainment. ‘The Gun’ is a sure recommendation for those who want to join the characters on their thrilling quest, beating the odds of life.

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