The House Guest: Persuasions, Perspectives & Prejudices


A treasured, soothing read!!

‘The House Guest’ by author Deborah L. Norris is a wonderfully soothing and very expressive novel set in the times of 1950s based on the conversations, events, discussions and gossips by the guests taken place on and around the kitchen table of a grand Victorian manor-turned guest house owned by a middle-aged widow Maggie Davis who is also a mother of sweet-bright nine year old girl Jenna.
Each chapter of ‘The House Guest’ starts with a very thoughtful quote by author Deborah Norris setting this book different from other reads and giving its readers a very interesting look into the realities of relation in life.
Other than Maggie and Jenna there are many other real life like characters like Fred, William, Doc and very entertaining friend of Maggie- ‘Lee’ which readers will for sure find very impressive and connecting. Author Deborah is blessed with a unique talent of turning the most simple story plot into a very captivating and entertaining book leaving its readers at an ease of home like environment. Each little description of situations and emotions create a perfect visualistic image of Maggie’s life journey.
I am sure this wonderful book-‘The House Guest’ will prove to be a perfect companion for a relaxing vacation. Highly recommended to all book lovers.

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