White Witch Where Art Thou? (Haven Book 1)


Well imagined fantasy-The haven series.

Author Nikki Albert is sure to take her readers on an adventurous journey of mesmerizing fantasy and mystical creatures by giving a whole new dimension to the heights of imagination when ‘Reylien’ a half demon and half fae breed comfortably serves as the ambassador to the queen of Faerie of haven land to protect and insure no creature gets into any mischief in her district until her world is turned topsy turvy by a challenge to find a cousins lost wife- Witch.
Though clueless with regards to the details of the missing witch Reylien strives hard to find her and satisfy the demon race to get them out of her town in order to maintain the peace of her city.
Author Nikki Albert weaves a beautiful story plot with a perfect blend of emotions, magic, fantasy, relation and surprises making her novel one of the most entertaining page turner. ‘White Witch Where Art Thou’ gives its readers an amazing visualistic description of the well imagined Fae-world. The novel absorbs its readers from the very first page and keeps them wanting to know and discover more till the very end of the book.
‘White Witch Where Art Thou’ is a steady but interesting read for a peaceful vacation. I would highly recommend this novel to all and esp. to those interested in the genre of fantasy and mystical creatures looking for a strong story base.

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