The Journals of Bob Drifter


A message in the book.

‘The Journals Of Bob Drifter’ by author M.L.S Weech is a paranormal thriller which is sure to give us chills down the spine with a perfect blend of story line while we walk down the lane of life journey of a cool, helping and loved by all students- substitute teacher ‘Bob Drifter’. Being too frequently around dying people reveals the secretive dimension of Bobs personality making him a perfect suspect in the eyes of cop Richard and Kyle.
Though the starting chapters left me questioning the mysterious, multi- faced character of Bob Drifter, but gradually the book answered all my curiosity with a captivating blend of flawless story and characters revealing a very deep and touching moral- why does death and people on the death bed horrify us? Can’t we take death as a release from the hardships of life and pain in this world? Death should be a point of satisfaction where we all should realize that we have lived our lives to the fullest and tried our best to full fill our duty of giving the best to our loved ones.
Author M.L.S Weech has definitely a unique and mesmerizing style of touching the most intense subject through his writing and keeps his readers on the edge of their seats and wanting for more, all satisfied in the end.
‘The Journals Of Bob Drifter’ is one of the most entertaining paranormal thriller which can be enjoyed by mature and young adults. Highly recommended to all looking for a book with a strong moral.

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