Evils of History-a true eye opener!

‘The Sum Of His Worth’ is a wonderful novel by author Ron Argo where the writer has brought up the evil practices followed in the history of Albama in 1960s giving rise to racism and inequality which was extremely inhumane.
Ron Argo showed his readers the Albama of the Jim Crow Era through the eyes of a teenage character ‘Sonny Poe’ who lives a normal life in a small town of south until one day he and his friend witness lynching of a blackman by KKK (Ku Klun Klan) in the woods, Sonny and his friend run for their lives and escape from the brutal barbaric mob (followers of KKK) successfully and get back to their normal livelihood but this evil incident leaves an impact on Sonny paving way for his dislike towards the evil of racism and he is not alone as he meets a dentist ‘Doctor Joe’ who is also struggling to remove and fight against racism followed by certain Whites towards the Blacks.
Writer Ron Argos book is a wonderful eye opener and a treasure of knowledge for those, who like me were unaware of such painful history of Albama and the barbaric acts the Blacks had to go through in the past.
Without giving too much about the story of the novel i would just like to say this book is sure to bring outburst of emotions in its readers and become more and more captivating and interesting page by page.
I highly recommend this book to all and esp. to youngsters and readers with interest in historical events of the world. The sum of his worth is a true inspiration for the opposers of racism and inequality against any human in any form or in any place. Its a must read!!

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