Murder in Wizard’s Wood (Bittergate Book 1)

Sure to sharpen readers appetite for the next installment.

Murder in Wizard’s Wood‘ is an absorbing fresh, original modern day epic fantasy series starter bolstered by dynamic mystical characters and creatures which are destined to capture imagination through an engrossing adventure with an affable appeal.

For centuries Jedediah Shine- a wizard has been a guardian to fey and other mystical creatures living in the woods that surround his property, until a mischievous, blood thirsty fey decides to challenge Jedediah’s identity and expose his magical secrets by unleashing a genocidal war on innocent humans and other fey.

Author Michael J. Allen’s novel ‘Murder in Wizard’s Wood’ goes well beyond expectation giving readers a brilliant imaging of a bit of romance, care, responsibility and battle of good vs evil right alongside a detailed mystical fantasy. Fiction becomes believable and fascinating in this vividly detailed narrative as author Michael J. Allen weaves a story that is at once complex, surprising, full of well paced action and mysteries that serves to fully engage the readers and keep them at the edge of their seats.

A masterful tale of survival, growth and strength ‘Murder in Wizard’s Wood’ is a book with a diverse appeal which ends in a cliffhanger that is sure to sharpen readers appetite for the next installment. Highly recommended to fans of fantasy and mystery thrillers.


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