Evelyn Dunbar and other comedies: Five One Woman Plays


Captivating comedies through monologue conversation.

‘Evelyn Dunbar and other comedies’ is an enthralling collection of five thought provoking, compelling and intriguing plays conveyed and put across in monologue form of speech by author Josie Peterson.
With the mastery over language and its nuances author Josie Peterson takes her readers through the journey of her characters lives and their perspective towards their circumstances giving an insight into some of the most sensitive subjects like pedophilia, religion and culture. ‘Cockney Polly’, ‘M. Smith Mularky’, ‘Evil baby Jane & her mother’, ‘Life as a Roman Catholic’ and ‘Evelyn Dunbar’ are five well penned satirical, intense yet well balance humorous plays by author Josie Peterson with characters that felt real and showed complex ideas. ‘Evelyn Dunbar and other comedies’ is a well written book with enough fiction and story line to satisfy any fan of the genre that is sure to engage readers on many levels. Both poignant and optimistic, it is but life’s paradox depicted through the characters of ‘Evelyn Dunbar and other comedies’. Author Josie Peterson is a writer with a classical style that definitely makes her book a gem that deserves to be possessed by any good reader. These captivating comedies through monologue conversation are surely worthwhile and a must read!

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